The RapidXSL System is comprised of two main building blocks - The RapidXSL Server, and the RapidXSL Builder. RapidXSL is an XML application framework which is based on the Java® platform, and provides a mechanism for building modular XML / XSL based web applications. These applications are capable of publishing XML based information to all types of file formats including PDF, Excel, and X/HTML.

The framework of the RapidXSL System provides for dramatically reduced development-cycle time by incorporating complete building blocks that provide the support needed to build E-commerce and database-intensive applications. This framework is also "extensible" allowing the existing building blocks to be enhanced. Or using the provided templates, create entirely new building blocks that can be easily integrated into the system.

The architecture of the RapidXSL System provides a design pattern that enforces 100% separation between the development of application logic and presentation. Following this pattern leads to a cleaner application design, which can translate into a long term return on investment. Changes can be made to the presentation without the need to modify the application logic. Additionally, developers love the design environment because presentation and back-end teams are able to work concurrently and/or completely independently.

The implementation of the RapidXSL System incorporates a distributed presentation that can be used to push the static components of your web application to the fringes of the network, substantially reducing the network bandwidth requirements of your back office system and contributing to a very high performance system.